A Guy with a handicap and a dream

I’m a 22 year old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. If you want to know more check out the link (https://www.mda.org/disease/duchenne-muscular-dystrophy). I was only 6 when I was diagnosed, 9 when I lost the ability to walk & fast forward to the present where it has progressed significantly to where my hands are caving in & I require ’round the clock oxygen to name a few. Despite these obstacles however, one of my biggest goals in life since I was a boy; is to become a fiction writer and publish my first novel, which I hope to achieve one day. The reason for my blog is to share my journey to publish my first novel with others, also showing that those with a disability can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. So hop on board and join me in my quest to become published!

Character Corner #2

Alice Leblanc

Alice LeBlanc .png

Alice Leblanc is a beautiful young woman with a bombshell figure & flawless beauty. She is the type of demon who has a completely human appearance. Despite being a demon with mild lecherous habits; Alice is a kind, caring individual who in her spare time enjoys reading to sick children at hospitals and participating in local charities. Alice has light blue skin, an hourglass build, long blonde hair tied up in twin-tails, sharp canines and red-violet eyes w/slit pupils; usually wears a black V neck tee that exposes a moderate amount of her cleavage, denim boy-shorts & brown knee high boots. Has a rose tattoo on right breast and rose tattoo on upper left arm. Sometimes wears dark red sunglasses. Her & Eileen have been the best of friends since childhood. If you find Eileen then you’ll likely bump into Alice because the 2 are inseparable. Alice likes erotic literature, roses, pasta, books, true magic, muscle cars, horror movies and smooth jazz; but dislikes judgmental people, pedophiles, rapists, impatience & parlor magic. Alice is best described as that friend who saves you from drowning in the pool & while at the same time laugh with you at how hard you belly flopped.

Character Corner #1


Meet the main character of my novel, Eileen O’Connell.

Eileen is a fifteen-year-old Irish girl with a fair complexion, short red hair styled into a pixie cut and green eyes; usually wears a purple t-shirt with a black four leaf clover on the front, leather choker, leather skirt & black boots. The best way I would describe her personality is that it’s spicy yet sweet. Eileen likes chocolate, video games, the color purple, Italian food, children, hard rock & blueberry pie. While her dislikes are blood, people who hurt children, sad children, judgmental people, ginger jokes, Irish stereotypes, needles & cockroaches. Her hobbies are drawing, listening to music, cooking and babysitting. Eileen also suffers from severe blood phobia. Eileen is like that one alternative girl who sits in the back of the classroom. Supposedly a cold-hearted loner but in reality is one of the sweetest people you could meet.